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    We advise CIOs and CXOs on their key business IT challenges, and work with them to build more successful processes and decision regimes.

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    We believe business and IT are intimately linked. IT is the servant of the business, not its master. IT is only of value if it contributes to business goals.

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    We work with all sizes and types of company principally in the UK and Europe, but will listen sympathetically to requests for help from further afield!

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An Independent View

We take an independent and objective view of the challenges which keep you awake at night. Usually, information systems are a symptom of the problem, and the solution lies elsewhere.

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Business & IT Consultancy Services

We offer a range of compatible services, which you can use singly or in combination. In most cases, we select the things you will need, and tune them to fit your particular requirement.

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Get in touch to discuss your business. Our head office is in the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds. We are happy to visit clients and see them in their own environments.

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We have a wealth of information systems and general business knowledge, but we talk in plain language and apply common sense.

Making Information Systems Make Sense

Calladale is an established independent management and information systems consulting practice.

We provide practical and impartial advice to help our clients use their information, processes and systems more productively.

We enable them to improve their profitability, effectiveness and efficiency by ensuring the right information is available at the right time, and used in the right way to support business decision-making.

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Many of the challenges which seem to be IT Problems are nothing of the sort

Technology is the symptom, but the cause is often something
completely different:

• An unrealistic cost model

• Inadequate organisation and governance

• Obsolete or unsuitable equipment

• A lack of understanding on the part of key stakeholders

• Marketing, finance or business strategy

Whatever the issue, we have usually seen it before, and we can advise on how to fix it,
and then work with you to make sure it never happens again.

We deal with often complex systems, but we do not hide behind technical jargon.

Our team has a passion for generating value, maintaining perspective, and having fun in the process.

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