Our Guiding Principles

In all our work, we aim to:

1. Deliver real value to our clients

We start by developing an understanding of your problem and what solutions could help to solve it. We ask the question: what does the client actually get by buying from us?

Finally, we try to define the value delivered and demonstrate how things will improve.

2. Speak our clients’ language

This doesn’t mean we are fluent in Gaelic or Catalan. It means being clear about the issues, and relating them to your situation. Less theory, more practice makes for better solutions and a more engaged workforce.

3. Solve the underlying problem, not just treat the symptoms

All humans have a tendency to solutioneer: to come up with answers before the problem is well understood. Rushing into solution design can often lead to a less than ideal result.

We will take time to understand the issues in your terms, draw conclusions which are independent and verifiable, and then design the solutions and metrics to help you achieve your objectives.

4. Be proactive

We try to answer the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask, actively seeking out information which isn’t obvious or doesn’t seem important to make sure we have a full picture of the situation

5. Keep your information safe

We don’t discuss who our clients are with anyone, and we don’t publish names or logos on our website. Your information is secure with us, and we are happy to sign formal non-disclosure agreements if you wish.

Our team has a passion for generating value, maintaining perspective, and having fun in the process.

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