Why Choose Us?

Since its foundation, Calladale has undertaken engagements with all sizes and types of company, from large multinationals to small regional businesses.

We work principally in the UK and Europe, but will listen sympathetically to requests for help from further afield!

What sets us apart?

A Pragmatic Approach

We are friendly, consultative, cost-effective, and practical. Our aim is to help solve your problems, and to transfer skills to you to build your knowledge.

We make sure that everything we do together has a purpose, a defined outcome, and a link back to business goals

An Unrivalled Network

We use our own experienced staff, or select and engage subject matter experts in cases where we need a particular depth of knowledge in business or IT

A Track Record

Which is second to none. We have worked as CIOs, ICT service managers, business executives, salesmen and marketers, so we can see all sides of your challenge

Real-World Experience

Across many industry sectors which is both international and multi-cultural. Our consultants have worked for many leading businesses in commerce, government and consulting.

Some are specialists in your chosen area. Others are generalists who can bring valuable experience of a different industry or approach, enabling you to look at things in a new way.

All of them have at least ten years practical experience in dealing with the kind of problems you’re encountering now.

Business and IS Knowledge

We understand both the supply and demand sides of information systems

Cross-fertiliation of Ideas

Through experience in a wide range of different business sectors and markets.

Continuity of Service

Our consultants work with you from inception to conclusion. Unlike some firms, we don’t have a sales team and a delivery team.

The people you meet when you first enquire about our services will be involved in the engagement throughout its life, and will follow up with you thereafter to make sure things are working out as you would wish.

We look forward to working with you.

Our team has a passion for generating value, maintaining perspective, and having fun in the process.

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