Key Services

We offer a range of compatible services, which you can use singly or in combination. In most cases, we select the things you will need, and tune them to fit your particular requirement.

We will try to help wherever we can - and if we don’t have the right skills, we’ll tell you so honestly.

Our philosophy is based on simplicity, clarity and robustness: you can rely on us to tell it as it is.

Our services are constantly evolving to suit the needs of business and to keep abreast of technological and legislative change.

We will be delighted to discuss your business with you, share our thoughts and insights, and explore ways in which we can work together.

Our main services are:

Strategy and Architecture

Building strategic plans that allow organisations to design and build ‘fit for purpose’ business and/or information systems capabilities. Many aspects of these systems – such as web site performance – are now out of the direct control of a business and its IS department. We help you to explore the interactions between customers, business and information, and highlight ways to improve performance and reduce cost

Change Management

Creating successful change programmes by defining the present and future states, time scales and resource requirements, and tying them all together in a Benefits Realisation Plan

Market and Business Analysis

A mix of analysis, challenge-based coaching, facilitated workshops and experience that enables organisations and their stakeholders to step back and consider the bigger picture. We help management teams take stock of where they are now, consider where they want to be and what their aspirations are, and identify the enablers and barriers that need to be considered in getting there.

Organisation and Governance

Assessing the role of the CIO, the IS management team and their relationships with the business, highlighting benefits, risks and opportunities for optimisation

Programme and Project Audits

Reviewing key programmes and projects to evaluate progress, highlight risks and opportunities, ensure benefits are on track, and suggest corrective action where necessary

Mentoring and Coaching

Supporting CIOs or business people as they work through the challenges associated with change, while trying to maintain a high standard of ‘business-as-usual’ service

Procurement Strategy

Managing an IT procurement exercise in a dependable and repeatable way, justifying the outcomes and providing an audit trail through the process.

Our team has a passion for generating value, maintaining perspective, and having fun in the process.

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