Our Approach

We work using a combination of workshops, interviews, research, analysis, and data collection.

The results may include an executive report, a presentation, or a series of more detailed outcomes, such as an outline contract or a draft service level agreement.

The exact deliverables depend on your wishes and the nature of the engagement.

We work with you from thought to finish, helping you to get the basics right, avoid pitfalls, and maximise your opportunities.

We aim to work with you, not for you, to ensure that we understand your specific needs and to equip your team with the knowledge and skills they will need for the future.

In our deliverables, we aim to provide not only the answer for today, but a template to help you answer similar questions in the future for yourself.

Our team enjoys generating value for clients, maintaining a sense of perspective, being down-to-earth and practical, and having fun in the process.

Professional Fees

Our fees reflect the value we bring to our clients and whilst we are happy to work on a time spent basis, the vast majority of our fees (and the deliverables we provide) are fixed, and specified in advance.

This means that you always know what you will receive in return for the fees you have paid.

We operate a no surprises approach to fees so that fee issues never become a barrier between our clients and us.

Our team has a passion for generating value, maintaining perspective, and having fun in the process.

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